Our company vision is to grow through customer satisfaction by “doing what we promise”.

Our business portfolio covers international trade (by coaster/barges) in heating oil, marine gasoil, DMA, gasoline, ULSD EN 590 and blend components.
Licorne trades ICE futures, swaps, options, bio tickets and CSO tickets and we are the exclusive distributor for a range of marine lubricants.

We understand that the price of oil is at the core of your business. Oil price volatility can have a fundamental influence on your profitability, cash flow and
overall ability to do business. The broad range of activities enables Licorne to be a full service provider to our customers.
We help customers to manage their pricing risks.

Which opportunities fit best with your business is company specific. With our combination of financial trading and physical market experience we can help
you understand what type of hedging fits best with your business. Trust and openness are the main drivers to build long term relationships based on mutual benefits.

Please ask us how we can help you?